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Dan Gilbert, Cavs owner and seeker of a monopoly casino here, laughed off a question about a felony gambling charge against him at the City Club debate here today. He described it as a minor infraction by an 18-year old.


USA Today in 2005, however, described it as an $114,000 betting scheme on football and basketball games by Gilbert and others. He was a student at Michigan State University at the time. The charges, according to USA Today, were “conspiring to violate state gambling laws.” A spokesperson for the Cavs said at the times that shortly after, the charges were “completely dismissed.”


The paper said that Gilbert was given a fine, a three-year probation and community service. After this was completed, the felony charge was erased.


Yes, he was young. Yes, he had gambling charges against him.


Not a very good combination for someone as owner of an NBA team or a casino.


Gilbert supports Issue 3, a monopoly casinos in four cities, including Cleveland, on the November ballot as a state constitutional measure.


Hopefully, you will not.




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