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 Ohio’s jobs picture looks more than dismal. It’s pathetic.

George Zeller, economic research analyst, reports that in 2008 the State of Ohio lost 146,900 jobs.
The first two months of 2009 look even worse: 71,400 jobs lost.
That’s 218,300 since the beginning of 2008. That’s a lot of families.
A lot of pain.
If you read this morning’s Plain Dealer you’ll see there’s not much let up in the economic climate here. KeyCorp cut some 100 jobs in the Greater Cleveland area and another item reveals a private jet company cutting 105 jobs at the Cuyahoga County Airport.
Zeller’s full report is available here: http://www.nacs.net/%7Egeorgez/ohusajob0309.pdf
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MEDCON will get all these jobs back

MEDCON is the answer!

Actually, the Medcon will be another nail in the Dirty Dealer's coffin lid. 

The DD will be able to lease out more of their parking garage and more floor space in their building.   Lease out to someone besides reporters, that is.

The report by Jim Nichols which Ed Morrison posted on Realneo is a demonstration of why the paper is a Dirty Dealer. 

One has to question why this analysis took 3 years to hit the paper.  Who/what motivated the DD to go negative on the MEDCON after years of blind, stupid support?  How did Mr. Nichols get approval for printing this?

I'll bet the DD is responding to pressure from Forest City Enterprises - and that means the paper is Dirty. 

That's OK, the DD is on its way out.  

Viva la Shrinking City!