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They may soon begin selling reporter’s desks at the Plain Dealer.

A message today went to employees announcing the PD will be looking to rent parking and office space in its Superior Ave. and E. 18th building.

Management said that it was working with Grubb & Ellis “to explore the possibility of leasing a portion of the parking garage.”

In addition, the paper will attempt to lease space in its relatively new building working with Cresco, Ltd.

With past staff reductions and likely more in 2009, less space is needed in the new building constructed when Alex Machaskee was the publisher. The PD also constructed a new printing plant in recent years when newspapers were less hit by lower revenues.

“Please be assured that there will continue to be plenty of cost-effective, secure parking available to you, as well as the continuation of a wonderful work environment at our Superior Ave. facility,” the memo said.

“These initiatives are part of our on-going effort to maximize the value of the Plain Dealer’s assets in Cleveland,” it said, concluding with, “Thank you for your continued support and fine efforts during these challenging times.”

The financial crunch on newspapers and the economy in general is forcing owners to seek new revenue sources. The New York Times today had for the first time advertizing on its front page.

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Roldo, looks like I read their writing on the wall...

Roldo and I met for coffee, last year (quite a pleasure) and I sugested the County Administration should move to the new PD HQ, and the PD staff should move out into a low cost structure by their plant... they can set up regional branch offices and most staff should actually telecommute. That would reduce PD costs by a huge %age, and better utilize their resources, and give them income from rent on their old digs.

Nice place for County HQ, as well... good catalyst for development of the Avenue District, where new investment needs to follow Panzica!

Disrupt IT

Thanks Roldo

Hmmm...I thought they started renting reporter desks some time ago. 

PD land sale