Submitted by Roldo on Thu, 08/27/2009 - 18:19.

I didn’t really know until today that the Pee Dee endorsed torture.


Then today I read PD Deputy Editorial Page Editor Kevin O’Brien, the paper’s right wing bomb thrower.


“Water flowed,” he said, “up some deserving noses.”


How cavalier.


“Yes, our guys did this. They did it to our enemies. They did it to protect us. And they did it knowing full well that when word of their rough methods got out, they would be demonized.”


“Rough methods,” huh? Afraid to call it what it is, Kevin?


Be a plain spoken right-winger. Be honest at least. Call it "torture" but to “enemies,” so it’s alright.


Why the Pee Dee has such a rabid right-winger tossing us right-wing propaganda I don’t know because this is not exactly even Southern Ohio, never mind the Deep South where this stuff sells well these days.






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Southern NEO

You don't need to stray far from the urban core of Cleveland to be in deep O'Brien country, and they love him. If the PD ditched O'Brien, they would lose 1,000s of subscribers.

Disrupt IT

I am not an O'Brien fan.  I

I am not an O'Brien fan.  I am ashamed that our country condoned torture.  If it is wrong for others to do it to us then it is also wrong when we do it to others. 

o'brien and torture

I have mulled Roldo's posting over and over during the last  24 hours and still don't know what to say. That sometimes happens when I am so pissed off that words can't be found.

I shouldn't be surprised because the former U.S. administration actually had this country engaged in a discussion not that long ago about what levels of torture was ok. I think that I was only capable of muttering at that time. 

Thanks, Roldo, for posting this. Snap back to reality time.