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Somebody is going to have to reform the reform movement on County government. Otherwise reform appears dead on arrival once again.


Why would anyone want to set up a Cleveland City Council for the County? It doesn’t make sense to me.


What you’d have are 11 new politicians who all will need new staff and an expense account, creating 11 more fiefdoms. The 11 all by themselves would provide the unnecessary political egos for mischief. And, as someone pointed out to me, these 11 won’t even be legislators – as City Council members are - because we don’t have County laws as we have municipal laws.


What would they do beside cause more confusion?


The entire reform movement here seems to be something devised by suburban Republicans and County Prosecutor Bill Mason, who might just as well be a Republican.


Republicans want in on the action and Mason is just power hungry. Mason would likely even control the county public defender if that person is elected, providing him with control over prosecution and defense. That’s because Mason likely has the best political organization to elect someone County-wide.


Reform should simplify, not complicate.


There should be one fiscal office – not treasurer, auditor, or recorder – and the fiscal officer could be elected or appointed.


It would be crazy to elect a second Cleveland City Council. That’s the “reform” we’re offered.


Come up with a better plan or go home.








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This has been the most corrupt process yet

I have been ashamed of everyone backing this absurd effort - as if citizens were ever included in the process. I want to know everyone who has paid every dollar that has gone into any aspect of this perversion and to hold them accountable... and Plain Dealer spammers and Columbus should stay out of our business and life here...

I suggest Peter Lawson Jones lead the County to use the technologies we are developing for the County to transform citizen engagement in Northeast Ohio and begin a public dialogue on what reform we really need in the region, starting with Medina, which appears to have serious racial hate issues we don't need in our REAL NEO.

Want me to elaborate, Xurbians and hard core country folk... in denial?

Disrupt IT


East Cleveland Mayor Brewster wrote a accurate assessment of the situation in the PeeD

Gotta go back to 2000, and Campbell and McCormack...

Sunrise, sunset on our great, failing county, day after day, for 9 years, as the deck chairs are reshuffled for the usual suspects... hard to blame much of this on the new administrations... go ask Campbell and McCormack... or just ask Forest City for our $2 million back, from way back... as everyone should ask why there at all...?

Cuyahoga County missed a chance to save $2 million on juvenile center

Posted by rdissell [at] plaind [dot] com cevans [at] plaind [dot] com and slivingston [at] plaind [dot] com August 16, 2008 18:22PM

CLEVELAND -- Cuyahoga County Commissioners celebrated as they signed a $2.75 million deal to buy land from Sunrise Land Co., a subsidiary of Forest City Enterprises, Inc. That deal ended a more than 14-year battle to find a home for a much-needed county juvenile detention center. There were lengthy speeches, applause and even jokes, according to a tape of that Feb. 29, 2000, meeting.

Commissioner Jane Campbell introduced her newest colleague, Jimmy Dimora, quipping that after "14 years of sturm und drang ... you come here and in one year it got fixed. Want to, like, enlighten us?"

"It's being Italian," Dimora wisecracked. "You make people an offer they can't refuse."

Everyone laughed.

Disrupt IT

Yeah they do that, they say


Yeah they do that, they say here is the proposal and then tell the network to buy the land within the path. You could equate it to inside trading. There is a parcel on Euclid that was bought and then sold to RTA in the same fashion.

A good investigation would be to look at the Opportunity corridor, that being it’s path and then look for land sales in that path.

With respect to the Euclid Ave property, it was bought by a member of one of the contractors families. Then if my memory serve me correctly that same contractor was contracted to demolish part of the structures. It is the building that has a huge mural on the front.

Insiders are asked to look at proposals, then they tell friends and the friends buy in the path with the hope and sometimes the assurance that the project will be seen through to fruition.

But keep in mind many may be holding properties waiting for project to happen that never will.

Would you like me to talk about remediation, that being when the soil is considered contaminated what they do to resolve that? It’s about parts per million…they mix it with other dirt till the reading falls to an acceptable level. If the EPA guy does not live on an island he could be a procurer of cleanups, even if they do not even really need to be cleaned or worse if they really aren’t clean. He can hand out huge contracts and sign off on them in the same.  They charge allot of money to mix and hall dirt around.


"A good investigation would be to look at the Opportunity corridor, that being it’s path and then look for land sales in that path."

Wow. why didn't I think of that!