Submitted by Roldo on Thu, 12/04/2008 - 18:37.

Can you say, “Let’s give some money away?!”

Apparently, the Ohio House of Representatives, particularly Republican members, love to say it.

Now they want to give “film makers” tax credits, capped out at $100-million.

Hey, what’s $100-million anymore when we taxpayers are giving away tens of billions of dollars to thieves on Wall Street?

You know, don’t you, that if another state government were giving away millions in tax reduction to people who blew up balloons the idiots we elect here would find a way to match or better the insanity.

Mayor Frank Jackson is giving one film company space in the city’s Convention Center. That’s okay, if the city doesn’t have to provide heat and water. Otherwise, it’s a bad deal.

Jackson seems to have run out of good ideas before he’s had one.

It’s so easy to be fashionable and follow the pack like sheep to the slaughter.

Does Gov. Ted Strickland have the guts to veto this measure if it comes to his desk? I hope so.

Let’s start giving tax breaks to panhandlers downtown. At least they’ve made jobs for themselves.

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Tax credits

I can understand tax credits...and I actually think that they make sense, if handed out to an employer (not a developer i.e. NRP). I don't understand tax abatement and I think it has destroyed the City of Cleveland with carpet baggers, who come in, pillage and get out...
And why no outrage from the PD or the City of Cleveland for the Clinic essentially "taxing" an overburdened/poorly set-up EMS/Fire/Police response system?...just another day in a city where the rich bloodsuck off the poor?