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Do you think we have the right to ask Sen. George Voinovich to speak out against the ugliness of the Republican Right? I think we do. Ask him why he’s silent on this issue.


Republican forces have been waging an ugly war against President Barack Obama since his election. Few Republicans have had the courage to speak out against these malicious attacks. Instead, they remain silent as the ugliness builds.


What brought this to my mind was an article about two conservative commentators who made their views clear on the craziness going on in the Republican Party. Too few conservatives have raised their voices.


Charles Johnson, a conservative commentator, said that “The American right wing has gone off the rail, into the bushes and off the cliff.” He added, "I won’t be going over the cliff with them.” Good for him.


Andrew Sullivan, a long-time conservative blogger and Atlantic magazine columnist, wrote, “I cannot support a movement which has no real respect of institutions of government and is prepared to use any tactic and any means to fight political warfare rather than conduct a political conversation.” Good for him, too.


Sullivan also charged the Republican right with homophobia and use of religious doctrine rather than civil political dialogue. It’s part and parcel of the nasty rhetoric that Voinovich and others ignore.


An article about these comments by conservative voices can be found here:


Voinovich has always been a politician who avoided tough issues and conflicts that need to be addressed. He likes to remain above the fray. He did that with George Forbes as Cleveland deteriorated.


Voinovich has been able to stay in the background on tough issues because of especially soft media attention. The Plain Dealer always has been a strong backer of this Cuyahoga County Republican. The PD typically portrays Voinovich with very positive coverage. I watched as he got velvet hand treatment as Mayor. Very different from many other politicians. This helps build a certain image within the body politic. It’s the kind of attention politicians would pay handsomely to have.


Some business and political interests now are pushing for Voinovich to return from the Senate and become Cuyahoga County Executive. The strong desire is to have a Republican run the County. He has announced he would not run for another term in 2010. (A poll in 2008 showed Ohio voters favored a Voinovich retirement.)


Voinovich is a 73-year old lawyer. He has been on a public payroll more than half his life, starting in 1973 when he was in the Ohio attorney general’s office. He has been a state representative, 1967-71; County auditor, 1971-78; Lt. Governor, 1978-80; Cleveland Mayor, 1980-89; Ohio Governor, 1990-1999; and U. S. Senator since 2000.


Much is made of Voinovich as a good manager. You will notice, however, that the government institutions where he has serve have been degraded significantly over his career. That’s true of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County and Ohio particularly.


Voinovich has always been reported as a clean politician. He enjoys a reputation for purity and honesty via the Plain Dealer and other media. Scrapes with corruption in his administrations and family have received low key coverage by the news media.


Voinovich from time to time would make a splash as Senator by showing his conservative credentials on fiscal matters. He also gets attention in episodes as his opposition to John Bolton as UN ambassador by President George Bush. Then, typically, he later praised Bolton.


Isn’t it time he were judged by the same standards as other politicians?








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voinovich is not a nice guy

He just tries to appear that way. I remember the campaign that he ran against the late Sen. Howard Metzenbaum in Voinovich's first run for the Senate. It really showed us where Voinovich was at, and that was ugly.

I have to think about that for while….


Would having a politically well connected in that seat be a bad thing?

I have to think about that for while….

Getting federal and state dollars for the region is that a good thing or is it a just another waste of tax payer dollars?

It gets confusing, again have to think about it for a while.

Why do I find that mans name associated to that position comforting? It may be the other names I have heard mentioned so far.

I cannot throw Voinovich into the GOP box; with its associated freak show that makes many fiscal conservative run into the closet and slam the door, mind you it’s usually a walk in with a chase lounge and full length floor to ceiling mirrors, its a closet none the less.


It get confusing the whole left and right business, does not always draw within the lines. Voinovich is at the end of his political career and has nothing to prove and no need to favor anyone or stay within any lines. There is no political bridges to burn or allegiances to maintain, he could focus on the region.

That or he is just interested in the salary, collecting his pension and that salary; wow the baby boomers; do they all end up making more retired then they did while working?

Would he drool on the desk? He is closer to 75 isn’t he? How’s the memory?

I would vote for him….I personally did well in the city in the 90’s