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 While some people are struggling to keep a roof over their heads and feed and clothe themselves and their children too many are living too high in these desperate economic times.

They’re doing it on public’s money, too.
I’d say that all city Mayors, County Commissioners, City Council members and high-level department and cabinet members should be taking at minimum 10 percent cuts.
These dire times demand it.
It was laughable to read in the Plain Dealer that Ohio State University top administrators will not take raises and bonuses this year.
La di da. How generous! Are we supposed to genuflect in respect?
With E. Gordon Gee’s compensation package at $1 million, I’d say it’s give back time, not stand pat.
Not only Gee but Provost Joseph Alutto, too. He has a base salary, according to the PD, of a half million dollars. There are 288 OSU employees making a base salary of $200,000 or more.
No wonder ordinary people can’t afford college tuitions.
We have to do something about corporate salaries, too.
The entire economic system has become too unjust to allow it to continue.
We can start with public officials and pressure them to bring some justice to the private sector. Those who want to make tens of millions of dollars a year should be taxed at rates that do justice to their greed.
Let’s start, however, with public officials because we pay them.
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Public officials all have health care- taxpayers don't

 Hello Roldo!

I share your outrage at the stark income inequities across our "economy" and government.

But you don't mention health care - where there is an even more egregious disparity -  while the taxpayers’ teeth are falling out and our prostrate glands and breasts go un-inspected,  our public employees all have taxpayer paid-for generous health care programs .
Why are taxpayers OK with providing health care benefits to our public employees when we don't have any heathcare for ourselves?  This is nonsensical.
I say to the US Senate and Congress and every other public employee - you should have/can only have the same health care as the poorest person in the US.   No more. 
Our country would be operating with a one-payer government provided health care system like Canada overnight - or maybe by later this afternoon. 



I believe you are right,

I believe you are right, Jeff

That should be the #1 national issue with no exceptions.

Everyone should get health care and that should be a non-negotiable right.

Obama and the Democrats should not be able to weasle away on this issue.