Submitted by Roldo on Fri, 10/17/2008 - 19:53.

The Washington Post endorsed Barack Obama for President today.

The Chicago Tribune endorsed Barack Obama for President today. First time in history for a Democrat to be endorsed by the Tribune.

The Los Angeles Times endorsed Barack Obama for President.

The Boston Globe has endorsed Barack Obama for President.

Can the Plain Dealer be far behind?

Expect the paper to make an endorsement on Sunday.

The PD would not dare NOT endorse Obama. Especially after the newspaper's cowardly non-endorsement in the last Presidential election, a move which marred its reputation.

The only caveat would be just how clearly will the newspaper make the choice. Will it be full-throated, as it should be?

It should be an endorsement without reservation. Otherwise, it would be a cop out by its publisher Terry Egger and its editor Susan Goldberg.

Sen. John McCain has made his candidacy a joke by choosing Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin for his vice presidential choice. She is so undeserving and unprepared for the high position of vice president that she has to be hidden from exposure to the press.

Further, McCain also has dipped deeply into the poisonous campaigning style of the right-wing of the Republican Party. He has permanently damaged his reputation as an honorable politician by his dishonest campaign, which hasn’t yet hit bottom it appears from the latest tactics being used.

While he tries to appear conciliatory, the usual Republican dirty tricks factory is working overtime.

One hopes that the Plain Dealer deals honestly with those facts.

PD Endorses Obama

This is the best sign of hope for the PD in my lifetime 

Disrupt IT

Well done

It's an extremely well-written endorsement.  I would like to know who crafted it.