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American Prospect finds a number of factual errors in Matt Taibbi’s critique of President Barack Obama’s economic record. Indeed, it calls his piece in Rolling Stone “a factual mess.”


Tim Fernholz writes that Taibbi has “written a nightmare story for Rolling Stone on Obama’s economic sellout.” Fernholz contests a number of points Taibbi made in his article.


The American Prospect has good liberal credentials. It was started by Robert Kuttner and Robert Reich. Kuttner is a writer and economist who served President Jimmy Carter as head of Carter’s National Commission on Neighborhoods. Reich, also an economist, was Labor Secretary under President Bill Clinton.


Not everyone agrees that Obama’s policies have been a “sellout,” though some want to draw that conclusion before results can be determined.


For the article and its list of the questioned material - and quite a list it is - go to: http://www.prospect.org/csnc/blogs/tapped_archive?month=12&year=2009&base_name=oh_matt_taibbi







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